Arrival at LAX

I touched down in LA on 2nd October. When the plane arrived at the gate, it was held up at due to a technical fault with the jetty. Everyone on board was stuck on the plane while they decided whether to move to another gate or wait until engineers fixed it. Twenty minutes had gone, and jetty fixed – it was time to leave the plane for more waiting.

I have to say I was quite nervous as I approached immigration control, as I presented my passport with the white I-94 immigration card while the officer gave me evil stares. The immigration officer looked at me a paused for moment then asked me some questions, then he let me through. It was not all over though…

I still had to get my baggage and go through customs. Well, baggage was easy, most of them had been taken off the conveyor to make way for the baggage for the next flight. This was due to our delay on the plane at the gate. I collected my baggage and set off for the final checkpoint, customs.

At customs, a few more questions, then my adventure in the US was about to begin. Yep, this is where I would live and work for three whole years.

I was finally greeted by my good friend, then we set off to his home, where I would be staying until I found a place or get kicked out.


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