First day at work

4th October is when I started my first job abroad. I woke up damn early, around 6am because I was still jet lagged. I had some breakfast, and set off for work around 8am.

I took the crosstown bus outside, and not knowing they had increased the fare, I put in 50 cents and walked to find a seat. I was called back and asked ot pay the rest, so I did. They increased it to $1 now – still a lot cheaper compared to London.

When I arrived at work, I was greeted with a half empty office, the executives were in fact away on business trips. I had met most of the crew before, although I began to put new faces to voices I was so familiar with on Skype when I was based in the UK.

The day was spent mostly filling in employment forms and applying for a Social Security Number at the Social Security Adminstration. The SSA office was a small waiting room with windows on one side similar to the US Embassy in London.

The wait could have been hours from what I was told, but it was only 15 minutes before my number was called up. I presented my various forms of ID and my visa, and I was handed a letter back with a reference number and they mentioned my SSN would be processed within four weeks.

More waiting then, but I truely had no idea how important having an SSN would become.


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