At last, my SSN had been processed after four long weeks, but it’s another two weeks wait for it to be delivered to my home. I could get it by going to the Social Security Adminstration, but I won’t be picking up the legitimate card. Still not moved into my apartment yet due to no utilities.

A friend who has been living in the US for over 15 years told me that he got his SSN within a day. Things must have changed drastically since 9/11. After I got my SSN, and completed various forms at work so they could sign me up fully for health insurance etc.

Setting up utilties for the apartment seemed like a pain. I phoned them up to request my services be started and because it takes more than a few weeks for a new SSN to register in their systems, it meant I was still a nobody. Well, this meant I had to go in person to two different utility companies to verify my ID.

Luckily, I managed to get a lift to these untility companies and had to put down a deposit. Well, at least from tomorrow I should I will have power at the apartment, but I still need some sleeping arrangement.


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