First night at the apartment

The futon was delivered 2 days ago, along with my cable installation for internet. I had basic kitchenware, and other essentials. I was ready to move in to my new apartment, so I did, and here’s how my first night went.

To begin with, I noticed a gap of around 5mm on the fixed side of the sliding door to the balcony. It didn’t help that it was very windy outside too and I had plastic vertical blinds for the sliding doors, which kept rattling against the door. I improvised and stuck tape across the gap, but that made little difference as it seems like the wind was coming from the gap where the sliding doors pass each other.

I knew I wasn’t going to get much sleep in the lounge with the blinds rattling away and the wind howling, so, plan B.

I decided moved my mattress into the bedroom, and started to doze off, peace at last?

BLEEEP! WTF! I was wide awake again. I looked around and thought, I’ve heard that bleep somewhere and seemed to recall it was from a smoke alarm. It was indeed, so I pressed one of the buttons to enable silence mode.

I crashed out again, and all of a sudden I could hear footsteps, then a TV set. Well, as it looks, my bedroom happens to be separated by a very thin wall to my neighbour’s living room. Genius, to the muppets who designed the apartment.

Well, no way was I going to be able to sleep in the bedroom, so I taped the bottom of the vertical blinds and slept back in the lounge, and did managed to get around 6 hours sleep which was better than I expected.

I guess you never know what your apartment is like until you live in it.


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