Public transport

Public transport in LA is not that great I have to admit. They’re just not frequent enough and they don’t run late. If you miss one, you’ll end up waiting another 20 to 30 minutes in some cases and there aren’t any buses as far as I can see that run after 9pm between Santa Monica and Downtown LA. This is particularly annoying since I like going down to China town for dinner, but there’s no way to get back after wards.

I remember my first bus ride in LA back in 2003. I couldn’t figure out how to request the bus to stop, but I kept hearing the bell go off. I soon discovered you had to pull the cord by the window to do that. Pulling a cord sounds a bit ancient to me especially when you can’t reach the cord on packed buses.

LA is a big city, so I kind of expected a decent bus service. London buses run at a rate of a bus every 5 minutes, but over here, it’s more like 15 minutes and after 8pm, it’s eveyr 30 minutes.

Buses are cheap though compared to London, most are around $1 to $1.5 a ride, and they do offer day passes too. Some buses also come with a bike rack at the front of the bus so you can secure your bike – that’s just plain lazy, what’s the point of cycling if you plan on taking your bike on the bus.

I can’t wait to get a car, you really need one in LA. It was a city designed for cars, even shop entrances are out the rear at the car park.


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