Settling in nicely

I’m starting to settle in at my apartment now, feels nice to have my own personal space. I’ve made a couple of minor updates at my apartment, not quite in the furniture department though. The draft that was coming through the sliding doors to the balcony has been sealed by draft excluder I bought from a local hardware store. Have managed to stop the random beeping on one of the smoke alarms by replacing the 9V battery. Need to get the other one replaced, but can’t reach that since it’s on the ceiling and I’m quite short.

I have health insurance now, meaning I can break a leg. 🙂 I’ll explain US healthcare in a separate post.

My friend has loaned me his mountain bike, so I can cycle around without using the pesky buses here. The only thing about cycling in LA, it’s quite dangerous, normal A roads are as wide as 7 lane motorways, and there are a lot of drivers who don’t pay attention when driving. I had to look up a route that was cycle safe, with fewer cars, but even so, there’s not much street lamps on these routes which makes it just as difficult.

My apartment is about 2.5 miles from work and takes me around 20 minutes to cycle in. Getting used to cycling on the right hand side would help me gain some confidence when I eventually get to drive.


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