Friend’s Wedding Party

Returned from Del Mar early this afternoon from friend’s wedding party. Del Mar is located in Southern California in San Diego County, about 2 hours drive from Santa Monica and this was the first time I left Los Angeles since moving here.

I should actually mention this was in fact a belated wedding reception party, as the lovely couple got married a few month’s ago, but never had a party to celebrate.

I got a lift with friends, along with the usual brits who flew into LA recently, one of them being my ex-flatmate. We drove down to the hotel on Sunday morning. It was a fantastic day, with probably a hundred people who attended. There were some familiar faces from last year’s Thanksgiving dinner, and I told them I would probably be seeing them again in a few days time at this year’s Thanksgiving.

Towards the end of the night we all went back to the hotel to finish the celebrations, but the night turned sour when one of the guests decided to go a little crazy.

It got so bad later, when she took a taxi but returned when she found out her dog was missing, It was not missing! She simply forgot because she was so drunk. When she found her dog, she attempted to drive back, so security called the police. A friend kindly paid for her to stay a night at the hotel.

We had breakfast next and returned home. When I got back, I slept for a few hours, besides, I had a day off.


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