Ikea, Burbank

This day was coming, a trip to Ikea in Burbank was needed to gather some furnishings for my empty looking apartment. I’m no stranger to Ikea, since I used to get all my furniture there back in the UK.

I looked through the online catalogue and wrote down my shopping list before I set off just to save time at the store, then when I arrived at the store, I discovered there were plenty of furniture not listed in the catalogue, so I obviously had to revise my list.

The store hasn’t changed much, you still have to walk around with a pencil and paper writing down the catalog number etc, then you move onto the warehouse section where you grab all your stuff.

I found a coffee table that was much cheaper than the one I wrote down, so got that instead, then chose a bed frame and mattress.

It’s odd that the bed frame are sold in three separate parts, the main frame, the middle beam, and bed slats. Why on earth would you sell them separately? I can understand the frame and mattress being sold separately as some may want differing frame styles and mattresses.

I have them for home delivery, which is only an extra $49, and they deliver on weekends too which is a bonus.

I can’t wait to finally sleep in my bedroom later today, although, still not amused at the level of noise coming from my neighbour’s living room next to my bedroom wall.


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