This old fashioned looking thing in my living room is the heater. I opened the panel at the bottom and thought ‘how on earth do you operate this?!’. There were instructions on the panel lid, but that was too worn out to figure out, so I looked up on the good old internet and discovered its gas operated and the pilot light had to be lit first.

There was no way I was going to attempt to light it myself and risk a fire or gas hazard, so I called the gas company and had them send a man over to light it. It did take them about 11 days in order to come round though, luckily, we don’t have sub-zero temperatures here, but still, 11 days!!!

As you can see, the pilot light is now lit (last image), and yes it’s an open flame, small, but a BLIMIN’ open flame sitting at the bottom of the heater!!! 🙂

I’m really not comfortable having an open flame lit 24 hours a day, but the gas man said that it’s perfectly safe as this model has a safety feature (glad to know!!). If the pilot gets blown out by a draft for example, the system will shut down fully in about a minute.

According to the gas man, I could have lit the pilot light myself, but some idiot painted over the knobs to turn the gas on so I couldn’t figure which position was the pilot position. It only has two settings too, as you can guess, ‘on’ or ‘off’.


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