Cat duty

While my friends are away on holiday, I’ve volunteered to take care of their three cats. My friends have allowed me to stay at their town house while they’re away just to make things a little easier for me having to commute here twice a day to feed the cats.

Surely it can’t be that difficult, after all, I had taken care of two of them before, for three weeks. I mean, you just have to feed them, and clean the litter tray and give them cuddles from time to time.

So I decided to stay the night the day my friends set off on holiday. I’d just refilled the cat bowls with food and gave them fresh water, and since I felt very tired that day, I went to bed around 11pm with the bedroom door open.

Around 2:30am, I heard a rustling sound coming from the closet, so I switched on the light and took a peek inside, and sitting there was the large ginger cat. He left the closet after he saw me. I went back to sleep.

Two hours later, the newest member of the cat family started nibbling at my toes over the duvet, and yes! that hurt! I managed to get back to sleep for a second time, only to be woken up a third time by ickle boy cat and ginger cat digging their claws into each other on top of my duvet.

I woke up not so long feeling tired, luckily it was Sunday. 🙂


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