I took the car out to Malibu with a friend on Saturday to get some brunch. About 24 miles from West LA.

We headed down the famous PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) to get there, and went to Marmalade cafe to eat when we hit Malibu Lagoon. The drive was fun, very scenenic with mountains on one side and the Pacific ocean on the other side. I’ve heard Marmalade cafe  is where you’re likely to spot a celebrity, since it’s close to where most of them live.

After brunch, we hit the beach nearby to walk it off.

On our drive back, we took a few turns around the canyons nearby. They were stunning! literally a winding road mile upon mile with mountain views and you could instantly pick up the fresh air.

On our way back from the canyon, we passed some houses, and asked ourselves, how on earth do people get about from here if they have no car. Your answer is by helicopter! Yes some of the locals here have helicopters smack bang in the middle of nowhere up a mountain. I can’t imagine how it must feel if you live here and you car breaks down. Taxi perhaps?


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