Refuelling the beast

Since I’ve had access to car for a few weeks now, it was inevitable that I’d had to make a pit stop at a petrol station at some point or face the embarrassment of running out of fuel.

I pulled over at a Shell petrol station nearby and I couldn’t get the petrol flap to open, after all, I was used to opening them manually in other cars I’d driven. While I sat in the car like an idiot I consulted the driver’s manual and then I figured that I had to press a button on the door to release the lock on the fuel flap. I did so, but nothing happened, I tried again, and still no luck. I had sat there for about 10 to 15 minutes trying all sorts of combination like key in ignition, door shut, etc.

I gave up and drove home to call my friend. It turns out that I was pressing the correct button on the door as specified in the manual, in fact, I had to pull the button gently. DOH!

I finally made it back to the Shell petrol station to fill up. I followed the instructions on the screen at the pump, inserted my debit card, picked the correct fuel grade and filled the thirsty beast. This means I don’t have to go inside and queue up at all. Brilliant! Why don’t they have payment at pumps in the UK!

I wasn’t sure how much to fill up exactly, so I filled up $30 and it was just over half a tank, so I reckon it would take around $55 to $60 to fill up a full tank from empty which is about 35 quid. Petrol is almost 3 times cheaper in the US compared to the UK!!! I love it.


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