Government shutdown?

I’m told by colleagues that I may witness a government shutdown here and its not the first time its occurred. The last time this occurred was back in 1995 and the government shutdown for 20 days. Reading up on this, there’s a law that prohibits the government from operating if a budget hasn’t been passed.

What will a shut down affect?

For a start the military will work but not get paid, and government agencies will shut down, i.e. passport agencies, national monuments i.e. Hoover Dam. Government employees will likely have their phones switched off too.

If any government employee works for free during a shut down, they could land themselves 2 years in prison or up to a $5,000 fine since it’s against the law for them to work during a shut down.

This might actually have an effect on my US tax return! I better check with my accountant.


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