June gloom

June gloom has arrived in LA. What can I say, it’s grey, looks like its going to rain down, but it won’t. It’s like watching the movie, ‘The Fog’.

From my apartment balcony, I can see a few tall buildings towards Century City surrounded by fog. Sometimes it will clear towards the end of each day, but it will be like this most of the time throughout June.

What have I been doing you wonder, well, I’ve mostly been finishing off a project, should be nearly done soon, I hope so too, I have so much outside work I need to do which I just have no time for, such as going to the dentist, applying for my driver’s license.

I ended up at a BBQ party nearby on Saturday, turned out to be a great party, lots of interesting people, food and of course drinks. This party is usually hosted by one of the guys I work with and his wife. It all started around 9 years ago when he was living in New York and missed his flight to E3, the video games show.

He decided to set up a party for those who also missed their flights and this was it. It’s the 9th Annual Missed My Flight to E3 BBQ.


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