I’m free

My painful long hours at work are pretty much over, so now I’ve got some time to get some of my personal stuff taken care of. I snapped my glasses accidentally at the bridge, so I decided it was time to get a new pair and an eyesight test, after all its been over 5 years since my last eyesight test. My eyesight turned up a little worse obviously, but not by much.

Only downside, it cost me around $600 including the eye test and new frame I don’t have vision covered on my health insurance, so this was no surprise. Still, its not like I have to get my eyesight tested every year.

Next up, is a trip to the dentist for a check up and have my crown re-fitted. More money to spend, but at least I have dental coverage.

Last of all, I’ll be applying for my driving license in July, and the day I go to the DMV, I’ll be required to do a written test before they issue me a permit to drive. I plan on taking three driving lessons before my test.

Exciting times ahead!


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