4th of July 2011

I knew this day would come in the calendar, it was just a case of what I would be doing on this day. As it turns out, I’m actually back at my apartment drinking fluids to re-hydrate myself after a short sleep in the early evening.

It all started with a trip to San Diego on Sunday morning to visit friends who had recently bought a house. On our way down there, my friend and I made a scheduled pit stop at a Nissan dealer so he could buy a brand new Nissan GT-R, and trade in his Audi RS4. We continued our route to friends in the new car. This car has something called ‘Launch control’ setup that is capable of doing 0 – 60mph in 2.9 seconds flat from a stand still. Sadly, we never got to try that feature out.

When we arrived, we saw what an amazing house it was. There were 6 large bedrooms over 3 floors. It even had a balcony view of the ocean, although not directly next to it. They even had an outdoor hot tub which I spent some part of the evening in. Every house should have one of those.

The day after was a little hazy, not much sleep, and a slight hangover. It was the 4th of July, and apparently the party was just about to begin, but sadly, my friend and I had to head off back home. I guess we both just didn’t want to set off too late because of the traffic.

Due to lack of sleep, I immediately crashed out when I got back despite the apartment being somewhat toasty. I was hoping to get some decent sleep, but think I got about an hour due to the noise level of neighbours who were all celebrating Independence Day. I mean, how to you sleep with 20+ people are shouting ‘Woohoo’, or ‘Yeah’ every 5 seconds.

Well, its a patriotic day for the locals, its nice to have a national day. For me, I just wanted to get some sleep 🙂


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