Dental Dilemma

Just paid my first visit to the dentist over here. I’m impressed by their offices. I walked in a happy man, but left utterly shell shocked!

I entered a building in Westwood and headed up the lift to the second floor, then found their suite number and opened the door. I was greeted by a small cozy reception area like someone’s small living room. The staff had smiley faces and directed me to fill out my personal details on a PC.

I did just that and when I was called, I went through another door leading to a massive room divided by massive cubicles, there must be around seven of them, three on either side of this fairly long hallway and one at the end. I was directed to go to the one at the end.

It was a thorough process, consisting of about 20 individual x-rays, then I was told to wait until a dentist saw me. Oh, so the person taking my x-rays wasn’t a dentist then, I thought.

After going through my x-rays with the real dentist, she pointed out all my dental issues, then proceeded to inspect my teeth with a flexible tube that had a light and camera attached to take photos of my teeth. The photos would all show up on this screen in front of me. I could tell from her expression that the outcome was not going to be good.

I proceeded to have all my teeth cleaned by another person. Afterwards, the dentist came back and said there was a lot of work to be done. I knew that to be the case, but what really stumped me was the fact all this was going to cost me $5925 over multiple visits.

WTF! I got a root canal and a crown in 2010 for a mere £198 in the UK. Over here, they’re practically asking me to hand over my life savings. If it’s that profitable, I’d give up my job and take up dentistry.

So, as you can guess, I have a dilemma. I simply can’t afford it and I simply won’t pay that, unless they’re replacing all my teeth with gold, then I could apply for a job as a Bond villain.

I’m going to get a second opinion, and if it’s the same old story, I’ll have have no alternative other than to make a few trips to the UK to have the bulk of my work carried out.


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