Driving lesson

Had my first driving lesson with Westwood Driving School. He was a nice instructor, not too bossy, but pointing you in the right direction whenever you made a mistake. I had explained to him that I could drive and just wanted to get used to the driving in LA especially dealing with the infamous LA traffic, and rules of the road that I wouldn’t expect to see in the UK.

I must admit he looked really bored throughout, mainly because he didn’t have much to do since I knew how to drive, and he knew he was going to be stuck with me for 2 hours. We drove around Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Santa Monica and practiced a number of things.

We started off with ‘Stop junctions’ – they’re intersections where you have to do a full stop when you approach them, or you’ll get cited if a cop catches you creeping slowly. You exit the junction in the order you arrive, so you have to pay attention who arrived before you etc. You won’t see these in the UK.

Next up, was making a right turn on a red light. You can legally do this except otherwise posted. Again, you won’t see this in the UK. The only reverse manoeuvre you have to do on your test is driving backwards in a straight line for 30 feet.


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