Trucking delicious

One thing that you don’t see often in the UK, are food trucks. In fact, I’ve never seen any in the UK, but friends tell me that they do exist.

Here in Los Angeles, Food Trucks are everywhere, they even have a dedicated map online so users can track which food trucks are nearby. The map isn’t that accurate though, as it relies on the trucks to update their location.

Where I work, almost every day, there are between five to ten food trucks parked along 31st Street. There’s an abundance of choice every day ranging from Tacos, Curries, Burgers, Vietnamese, and Sushi. Most of these food trucks run two shifts a day, lunch hours and evening hours, but generally in two different locations.

They usually travel to different locations each day, it’s the only way they go about their business and acquire new customers. A permit is required for them to park up and serve though.

Food trucks tend to rely on friends and regular customers spreading the word, and making use of Facebook and Twitter to inform users of their location.

Here’s a few I’ve tried, Mandoline Grill (Vietnamese) – my favourite, Knock Out Tacos (Tacos), Flying Pig (Tacos), YoSushi (Sushi).


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