Games getting harder?

I only have an Xbox 360 console here, nothing else, and even that’s loaned to me along with a handful of games. I purchased a few games over the past few months though, starting with L.A. Noire.

The two big games I recently purchased made a massive comeback, Deus Ex and Driver. I thought these big franchises died out and I was never going to see them again, but they came back from the dead. Both games enjoyed huge success from their first title back in the 90s, but subsequent sequels didn’t sell. They disappeared until recently. Both gained average reviews of 80% to 90%. Let’s start with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Deus Ex is actually quite a difficult game. I like games to be challenging but not frustrating. As you progress, you gain points so you can purchase augmentations for your character, which are essentially upgrades. What you choose to upgrade depends on your style of play. The game is open to stealthy play and all guns blazing play and since I’m not really much into sneaking around, I prefer to pick upgrades that are suited to that. When I got to the first boss, that was difficult at first. It took me around 20 attempts to defeat him, which made me think “am I getting too old for games, or is this just a really difficult first boss”. It actually turns out I was just impatient and wanted to defeat him as soon as possible. It was in fact an easy boss. I’m still playing this game, and I certainly recommend it.

Driver: San Francisco was definitely more fun. I particularly liked the shift mechanic, but I won’t spoil that for you. Certain parts of this game tends to be frustrating when you get races that you have to make zero mistakes, but overall there’s a lot of fun.


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