A year in LA

Its been a year in LA. There have been ups and downs, but overall experience has been great. It felt like a long holiday except I had to work, but plenty of things to do and see when I had the time.

Over the course of the year, I’ve discovered new cities, restaurants, bars and shopping centers. I’ve also made a lot of new friends too which you kind of need to do in an unfamiliar country. I think I will eventually take up Wing Chun classes just so I have a new activity to participate in.

On a normal work day, I’ll get in around 8:30am and set off around 5:30pm. This is what I consider normal hours. When deadlines are near, I’ll just put in a few more hours during the week and weekend if necessary.

Social drinks with colleagues after work can be hard to arrange since most of them have kids, and some live miles away, and they drive into work. O’Briens pub on Main St is still my favourite pub in town.

Weekend’s are great since its the only time I get to things in my own time. Sometimes, I’ll cycle up to Manhattan beach from Santa Monica which is a 30 mile round trip. I did the outgoing journey a few months ago in my record time, 1hr 15mins, but I ran out of energy on the return journey and that took almost 3 hours. I must remember to pack some energy drinks and snacks next time. This route can be heavily congested along the beach between Santa Monica and Venice if I set off at noon because lots of cyclists, skaters, joggers, and kids use the beach bike path. I generally take the road for that part of the route to avoid that. Other times, I’ll just stay in for the weekend gaming or I may be working.

I’m hoping to drive cross country next summer with friends starting in LA and finishing up in New York. I worked with a colleague who did this many years ago in around 10 days. He rented a car all the way to the New York, then flew back and said it’s good fun. There are apparently two routes you can take, the southern route, or the northern route. Southern route is supposed to be better, but I shall have to research.


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