I know, it’s been a while… I’m back.

It’s been uneventful for me since my last update, just been playing Skyrim, so nothing to blog about, I mean, what am I really going to write about Skyrim, “I slaughtered 10 skeevers etc?”

All I have to say about that game is it’s so addictive, and the best single player RPG I’ve ever played even though I’m a big big Final Fantasy fan boy.

Winds up to 40mph hit my area last night, and I tell you what, it was enough to blow me about. Buses were delayed big time and traffic signals were out all over the place so I decided to brave a walk home. That was a big mistake.

I was constantly peppered by strong gusts of winds blowing dust and bits of leaves into my face. I even had to stop to wipe stuff out of my eyes every now and then.

Trees were blown over all over the place blocking roads and paths forcing me to walk on roads.

It’s still windy this morning, but not as bad as it was last night. It is expected to hit 90mph is some areas later this afternoon though. Ouch!


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