Xbox Live profile dilemma

Who would have thought changing your Xbox Live profile region to your designated country would be an issue when you move abroad. Well, as it stands, this cannot be done. I’ve contacted Xbox Live support a couple of times to get clarification on this matter.

Although your Xbox Live Profile can be moved abroad simply by copying it on your USB stick or recovering your Gamertag from a foreign Xbox, the Profile region however, is locked and cannot be edited.

This means no matter which country I’m in, I’ll only be able to access UK content which to be honest is useless since the Apps such as Sky and LoveFilm require you to be on a UK IP.

Xbox Live support team replied saying that in order to take advantage of local content in the country I’m in, I’d have to create a new Profile. Sounds easy you say, it is, but it comes with big downfalls. Creating a new Profile would mean I’d lose my gamer score, individual game achievements, and friend list which took me years to build them up and these cannot be transferred from the UK to US profile.

So I have a dilemma – create a new profile and start from a big fat 0, but I’ll have access to US content like Netflix, or keep my existing profile and not be able to access US content, but I’ll keep my gamer score, achievements and friend list.

I really hope MS would sort this out since it’s not fair on users who move abroad.


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