New Year

I can’t believe I’m actually typing this out while I should be in bed sleeping off my hangover.

So it was my turn to celebrate New Year, while my relatives in Hong Kong celebrated it 16 hours ago, and my mum and dad in London celebrated it 8 hours ago. Yay!

So, new years celebration was pretty good to start with, but lack of fireworks let us down at the end. I was pretty sure there would be fireworks at Santa Monica pier when the clock struck midnight, I’d even asked the bartender before I set off down there with a friend to make sure, and he confirmed there was fireworks.

How wrong were we, Santa Monica pier has never had fireworks at least for a few years. All that time rushing down there wasted. We heard fireworks, but they were coming from Marina Del Rey, and we sure could not see anything in that dense fog anyway.

My new year’s resolution is to visit more of the US other than Vegas or San Francisco. First stop, probably Seattle.

Still, Happy New Year everyone!


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