I have a cable service with Time Warner Cable. There are hundreds of channels to choose from just like Sky TV back in the UK. Obviously I’ve only got the basic package excluding premium channels like sports, and movies.

There’s only about 20 channels I really watch but most of the time the TV is on as background noise while I browse the internet on my laptop.

There are some decent shows, most of them my kind of show. Some dedicated movie channels I have are fine, but they like to repeat the same movie back to back at different time slots, so people can watch them at different times.

US sports such as NFL and NHL are free to watch here as far as I can see, but I don’t really follow them. I’m into good old fashioned football from the English Premier League, and they have most games broadcasted live for free here. Downside is, I’d have to wake up early to catch them.

The most annoying thing about watching TV here, are the commercial breaks, which are frequent and last around 5 minutes.


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