Looking to buy my first car

Those of you who have previously bought used cars will know how stressful this process can be. There’s just so many unknowns about a used car. To add to this, you need to get insurance on it and eventually get it registered too.

I’ve been looking to buy a used Honda Civic for my starter car for many reasons. Great reliability, there are lots of them for sale, and fuel economy is good.

A week went by and I’ve contacted about 15 to 20 private owners and none of them have responded, so I have a feeling that they sell almost instantly as soon as they are put up for sale. I wasn’t prepared to try used car dealers yet, since it’s more expensive to buy from them.

I wasn’t giving up, so I came across a 2005 Kia Rio for sale. Mileage was good, and within my budget, so I went over to take a look at it with a friend.

It came with some minor defects, paint was stripping in some places, but no rust. Front windscreen has a big crack which the owner was willing to get replaced for free. One rear tire was not road legal too. The engine sounded good though, and handling would probably take some getting used to since steering was so light, but not that responsive.

I did get a car history report, and since this car was ex-rental, I decided to give it a miss.


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