The drive to work

So far, the car has been running well, no mechanical or electrical issues.

The drive to work isn’t far enough to really enjoy the ride though. By the time the car has warmed up, it’s time to park it since my trip is less than 10 minutes on average. I can however be thankful there’s little traffic to deal with on my route.

I did drive to Malibu for lunch on Saturday to give it a good test on the PCH. It coped well, but the air con wasn’t that effective in hot weather. It’s cold, but not ice cold.

I haven’t had anyone cut me up yet, but inevitably, that will happen, just a matter of when. I have however had to deal with motorists that aren’t paying attention, and most likely texting on their mobile. This happens at least once daily especially waiting at lights. Lights go green, and the person in the car in front is faffing about with their phone.

A couple of honks on the horn did the trick, but it’s ridiculous that the sheer number of motorists are texting in their cars every day.


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