My top 5 picks at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012

Another year, another show. I last attended E3 6 years ago, so it was about time to revisit the place, after all, I was living in LA, so, for sure I didn’t have to purchase a flight and book accommodation.

I did spend most of my time outside the Convention Center catching up with old colleagues that I hadn’t seen for many years, so I didn’t really spend more than an hour inside.

During the short walk around, I did catch a glimpse of some of the hottest games coming soon, but sadly, no announcement of any next generation consoles. Next year maybe.

Here’s my top 5 games that caught my attention.

The Last of Us. This game might just sway me to buy a PS3. This is from the team who developed Uncharted series, so this is bound to be great. Probably one of the few games to have a decent story.

Watch Dogs. Impressive game play trailer, with some cool looking game mechanics especially hacking into other electronic devices nearby. The mood reminds me of Deus Ex in a way, but this is more open world.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Game play looks great, especially that they added voice commands, but will it still be effective for those without the Kinect?

Beyond. I didn’t get a chance to see this at the show, but footage suggests something special after all, this is developed by Quantic Dreams, responsible for Heavy Rain.

Tomb Raider. Here’s another game making a come back. They certainly upped the standards for their cinematics and game play looks really smooth and slick. Does it remind you of the Hunger Games?


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