Right on red light traffic violation

I was booked by the LAPD on 2nd of June for not coming to a complete stop when making right turn at a red light. This of course would have never happened if I was in the UK, since you can’t go on a “red” light. I could argue that I did come to a complete stop if only for a fraction of a second, but in the law’s eyes, you need to be stationary for at least a second so it’s obvious. This happened to be my first ever traffic offence in my 18 years of driving.

I’ve seen far worse out here though, for example, on my way back from San Diego, a driver was reversing on the freeway because they’d accidentally taken the toll road. That kind of driving is asking for at least 6 points of driving

There are drivers who break the speed limit each day on my way to work, drivers who drink and drive, gangs with guns, and the LAPD decides to ticket me, and I drive a 22 year old Lexus.

My driving violation is so minor that it’s like saying I washed the dishes, but didn’t put them away.

I can now see why they probably ticketed me. This type of driving offence is going to cost me $544. It also takes up to 21 days before your citation can be found on their systems before you can take action and there isn’t a lot of time before your due court date. My citation took 18 long days before it could be searched and I’m opting for driving school course.


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