Not an iPad killer

Microsoft recently announced their own tablet called Surface. It certainly has generated a lot of noise and interest in the tech world, but I don’t think it will be an “iPad killer”. Here are my thoughts.

Firstly, a majority of hardcore Apple users who already own a long line of Apple products, especially an iPad will most likely stay with Apple products. It just makes sense, because they would already have an iTunes account on multiple devices and most likely spent their hard earned cash on a great deal of apps. All their Apple devices talk to each other too seamlessly.

Secondly, the iPad is in it’s 3rd iteration, so they are ahead in the tablet market.

So, why would they want to switch to Microsoft Surface? Are they willing to fork our another $500 or more? Doing so just wouldn’t make sense unless they’re a collector. They would have to set up a Windows account if they don’t have one, re-purchase the Windows version of the Apps they have on their iPad, familiarize themselves with a new user interface, sync up their photos and music and various personal content.

Most of my family are Windows and Google users, so we have a lot of Android phones and Android tablets. My family are unlikely to purchase Surface, but I’m probably the only one likely to give it a go since I’m a heavy Windows user.

What Surface will do, is plug a hole in the tablet market for Windows users and those currently without a tablet. I can see some good stuff coming from this since I’ve been holding out for a Windows based tablet for a number of years. I just hope there is a decent level on connectivity between my Windows devices including my Xbox.

Even if I did purchase a tablet, I’m undecided what to use it for to be honest. I already use my Kindle to read, phone for emails and occasionally games and browsing. I most certainly wouldn’t use the tablet for movies whilst I have a 40″ LCD TV. I suppose I’d use it more if I traveled more often.


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