iPhone 5 announcement


The long awaited iPhone 5 has finally been announced. Here are my thoughts on the announcement.

Tim Cook starts with a couple of comparisons as usual with all Apple events, then goes on boasting about how well [insert apple product] is doing. Mr. Cook, we don’t need the weather man to tell us it’s raining!, we know the iPad is selling well, it’s in it’s 3rd generation!

He began with “iPads outsold PC manufacturer’s entire PC line”, which is not the sort thing you would compare the iPad to in the first place.  It’s like comparing a supercar to a bicycle. Were Apple too afraid to compare the iPad to other successful tablets?

Next we see an image of the iPhone appear on the big screen. Wow, it looks almost like the iPhone 4, just thinner and taller, and the user interface is so ancient, that you need a history book to decipher it. This is coming from a company who is supposed to be leading the world in innovation. Where’s the innovation Mr. Ive? Android phones have gone through countless UI changes in the last year than the iPhone have in 5 years.

One of the statements mentioned in the announcement was, “the phone is designed to fit perfectly into your hand”. Err, Tom Thumb hands or giant hands? They can’t be perfect for both!

So they made it faster, smaller, thinner, all the usual upgrades you expect from a new iPhone, but was that enough? No, they even added “facial recognition” to their front camera. Now where have I seen that before? Hmm, let me think, of course! it’s on my Android phone that I purchased earlier this year.

On top of that they’ve slapped a massive 4 inch screen and you wouldn’t believe it, but my Android phone coincidentally has a 4 inch screen.

They’re really flying here with their innovation!

This time round, it does look like Apple have become the copycats with facial recognition, and the larger screen. They also once said the iPad was the perfect size for tablets, and smaller tablets would be meaningless, then came the 7” tablets like the Google Nexus 7, which sold like hotcakes. All of a sudden, Apple have gone back to the drawing board to design a smaller iPad.

If I were Apple, I’d focus their funds on research, rather than lawsuits against their competitors. Their recent lawsuit against Samsung just goes to show that Samsung have got something up their sleeves that Apple are afraid off.

I actually own an older iPhone too (the ancient 3GS), but haven’t since been compelled to buy another iPhone, so have switched to an Android phone. There are many reasons which I won’t bore you with. I still believe Apple is a fantastic brand but have recently lost their innovative touch that they used to dazzle us with, and have become somewhat boring.

I look for innovation in new products and not just refinement. If the iPhone was a supercar, it would be a Porsche, as they’ve rarely changed their design over the last few decades. On the other hand, Android phones would be like Ferrari, flamboyant designs from car to car, colorful, and innovative.




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