Huntington Library and Gardens

This is a place you can really chill out. It reminds me of Kew Gardens, Richmond, UK. Huntington Library and Gardens is located in San Marino, California. There is an admission fee of $20 during weekdays for one adult, and $23 over the weekends. There are tours too onsite.


I definitely recommend spending a day here. There really is a lot to see and you won’t be disappointed. I drove last time, and this time I used public transport this time and regretted it since you have to walk around 30 to 40 mins between the Metro station and the Gardens, and it was a fine hot day as usual.


Huntington Gardens was recommended to me by a ex-colleague, and I have to say, it’s one of the few tourist attractions that you can really lose track of time just from walking around. It’s huge! There’s no need to rush around though, since you can sit by the benches in the garden and read a book and take a break every so often.

There are many ways to walk around, and I choose to start at the Chinese garden because it was the nearest one to get to from the entrance. It’s so authentic that you could actually be somewhere in China.


The Japanese garden as to be my favourite.


There are many more gardens to explorer, including the Desert, and Australian garden too.





Make sure you have plenty of water before you walk around. It’ll get hot, but there are plenty of shaded areas around the gardens.


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