Christmas Day 2011

Traditionally, Christmas Day is spent with family, so I thought I’d hook up with my only family here since I wasn’t going back to London. I ended up spending Christmas Day with my cousin and his family in Torrance.

I thought I’d challenge his kids to some Nintendo Wii games while I was there. I’m a game designer – surely they can’t beat me, I was wrong. They did beat me.

My excuse – I don’t have a Wii, besides, I let them win.

Unlike the UK, the US doesn’t have a public holiday (Boxing Day) straight after, but luckily Christmas Day fell on a weekend this year, so naturally we get the Monday off work which I will be going for a dim sum at a restaurant, then back home later.


First Christmas abroad

This was the first time I’d spent Christmas abroad. Yes, they have Christmas holiday here too, just not Boxing Day. Since Christmas Day was on a weekend over here in 2010, the US tends to have the bank holiday on Friday, unlike the UK, it would always be the following Monday.

The odd thing is, when you wonder about places in LA, it doesn’t feel quite like Christmas since there’s no snow and no too cold. Some city centers have decorations, but residential places have more and people do tend to make a effort on this out here.